Grand Dame
Is a respected woman having experience in her field

A woman regarded as the most experienced, prominent or venerable member of her profession

A woman of refinement

We are Grand Dames!

Welcome to Grand Dames Fetish Gallery Virtual Membership Club

If you enjoy Grand Dames you will most certainly enjoy Grand Dames Fetish Gallery our membership site which is an adult playground for your sight and senses. Ours is an amateur site. When the brats and the Doms are socializing interesting conversation takes place and naughty and fun things start to happen! So we grab the camera and try to capture the moment pure craziness and fun! We are lifting the veil thus giving you an inside view of our interesting intriguing world of fetish, fantasy and bdsm. See Grand Dames, our associates and others from the bdsm and fetish community like you’ve never seen us before!

We have put together a fun virtual experience. As of December 2013 we have over 7500
Pix in 100’s of albums featured in our many galleries which can be viewed as slide shows or thumbnail grids. There are over 200 clips plus streaming video. A few are unedited or slightly flawed but that’s what makes reality!

The site is interactive so use your mouse to see pop up titles, descriptions, and navigational features. We currently update monthly plus bonus updates. Phone sessions Video chats and Webcam sessions are also available. Please e-mail your inquiry.

If you can’t be here why not hang out in our virtual world? Start by playing with the wheel of gorgeous brats that’s on our membership page then you might want to look through the many galleries of albums to find that perfect picture for your fantasy!

In Ms C’s Corner there are a number of series. Perhaps you’d like to look Through the Cracked Door to see what goes on in the playrooms or boudoir. Or could it be Peeping through the Keyhole to see what ladies really do in the bathroom that turns you on! Yes we know that you’re a voyeur and its ok, we don’t mind if you look!

Do you like to eavesdrop and imagine what’s really going on? Well you’re in luck! We will allow you to listen to us At the Table where we hang out, eat, drink, talk, and gossip! Others might like to put their Glass to the Wall to hear all the sexy noises, slaps, cracks, moans, and groans plus everything else that goes on behind closed doors.

You will see complete medical exams, exploratory procedures, and enemas. Of course there will be lots of lubes, tubes, toys, and nozzles, plus other necessary tools like catheters, sounds, speculums, and shock therapy! Tiny hands will perform invasive procedures such as prostate massage, strap-on play and fisting! We just love doing a full cavity search!

There are House Slave Adventures with house brats and slaves. See Doms, brats, and fetish enthusiasts explore the erotic world of fetish and fantasy. Play and punishments are all in a day’s fun at Grand Dames Fetish Gallery!

So what are you waiting for, a free tour? Or Indulge Yourself and Join Now for $16.95 non-recurring or $14.95 recurring.

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